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  Asian cosmetic facial surgery

Trends in asian facial cosmetic surgery


          Asian rhinoplasty

          V line jaw reduction

          Asian jaw cantouring

          Cheek bone reduction/ contouring

          Buccal fat reduction

          Chin reduction

           Non-surgical rhinoplasty

           Non-surgical jaw reduction




Asian rhinoplasty defining

 the bridge and tip.

 Asian female rhinoplasty


Before After Before After 

Asian jaw reduction ( Jaw angle reduction, V- Line facial contouring)

Reducing the appearance of a prominent square jaw in females can be done with or without surgery. Traditional surgical techniques depends on using a saw to remove segments of the jaw bone.We now use the ultrasonic bone aspiration technology ( Sonopet ) to achieve precise jaw reduction  and contouring, (sonopet asian jaw reduction surgery). This technology allows fine bone dissection by coupling longitudinal oscillation and torsional vibration. This technology makes  it possible to emulsify bone with no grabbing or kicking due to the non-rotational reciprocating motion and oscillation at 25,000 time per second with 0.36 mm width variation. Click to watch bone reduction using the ultrasonic device. This technique minimizes swelling, allows precise contour changes and eliminates the needs for using plates and screws. We reshape the cheeks and chin  with the same technique.

 BeforeBefore  After

Jaw reduction surgery ( v-line jaw surgery) to correct square jaw angle

 into a more feminine oval shaped face. The surgery can be performed

 either through a small hidden incision behind the ear or through an 

incIsion in the mouth.





Buccal fat reduction is performed to correct excessive fullness and lack of definition in the cheehs. It is performed thorugh a small 1 cm intraoral incision and can be performed as an office procedure under local anesthesia. There is minimal to no downtime. Candidate for buccal fat reduction include those with rounded face and broad cheeks lacking definition. Buccal fat reduction should be carefully peformed to avoid excessive hollowing.



Buccal fat reduction to contour the cheek and reduced rounded face appearance. 
In this patient,an asian rhinoplasty was performed which enhanced the overall definition of her mid face. A combination of asian jaw angle reduction, rhinoplasty and buccal fat reduction can significantly transform ones appearance.



 Jaw reduction and buccal reduction. The square looking jaw to a more slender  V-shaped jaw line. The jaw reduction was performed transoral with a sonopet minimizing swelling. Buccal fat was conservatively removed to add to the overall contoured appearance
 Jaw reduction and buccal reduction. Notice how the wide lower face is now slender following jaw reduction. Buccal fat was conservatively removed to add to the overall contoured appearance

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