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Facial Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

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Welcome to Here we focus on the face. Your face is unique and requires the attention of a specialist.  If you are considering a cosmetic or reconstructive facial plastic procedure,  invest a few minutes and learn about the procedures you are interested in.  This site is meant to be educational and is constantly updated with current knowledge in facial plastic surgery. We are  clinician, investigators and educators and as such we approach plastic surgery in an evidence based manner.  Browse to educate yourself about what facial plastic surgery can offer.
As a facial plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist, our practice focuses only on the face and neck.  We provide unique and individualized approaches to cosmetic  and functional rhinoplasty, facial reanimation, correction of facial paralysis, eyelid surgery, facial rejuvenation, wrinkle treatment and skin care. 
We work with you to preserve or modify, enhance and rejuvenate your unique features. We like natural results that enhance your beauty. We are committed to earning your trust, always keeping you well informed.
Learn more about our expertise in revision rhinoplasty, caucasian and non-caucasian rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty, Asian facial contouring, facial paralysis, eyelid and brow lifts, lip reduction, and other facial cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.

Learn more about the innovative procedures were have pioneered, our scientific research outcomes and our work in global medicine through humanitarian medical missions.
Visit us at our convenient locations in downtown Baltimore, Lutherville and Hunt Valley. 



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innovations by Dr. Kofi Boahene

 Trans- blepharoplasty (eyelid) approach to brain and skullbase lesons. Now select brain tumors , defects  and lesions along the base of the skull are reachable through the eyelid and eye socket. Indeed and true eye opener!.

 Minimally invasive temporalis tendon transfer , gracillis transfer and  nerve grafting offers optios for  reanimating the paralyzed face. Learn more.


 Reshaping the wide nostrils in rhinoplasty with alar rim grafts " the collar stay analogy" You've seen them. Unatural looking noses after rhinoplasty attemping to reshape a wide nostril but leaving scars that are visible. Dr Boahene wites about reshaping the nostrils with cartilages and hidden incisions from within the nose that yield natural looking results.