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Non Caucasian Ethnic Rhinoplasty...what is unique? 


Noses come in different shapes and sizes......that is what makes nasal surgery one of the most challenging cosmetic procedure performed by plastic surgeons.  Your nose is a unique aesthetic feature of your face. It defines your ethnicity and individuality.  Dr. Boahene has a recognized expertise  in rhinoplasty of the non-Caucasian nose - African, African American, persian, Hispanic, Asian, Caribbean and Middle Eastern. Conscious of scarring and non-Caucasian variations, Dr. Boahene employs techniques and approaches to non-Caucasian rhinoplasty that results in an enhanced facial balance without the lost of characteristic ethnic features.


 Trends in ethnic sensitive rhinoplasty



Ethinic sensitive rhinoplasty is a term used by Dr. Boahene to describe nasal refinement that is ethnically congruent. The changes are clear yet not harsh. The result is  a  natural transformation that preserves the patient's ethnic features. Ethnic sensitive rhinoplasty focuses on identifying and preserving nasal features that are pleasing while refining features that are out of balance.  From his experience performing many rhinoplasties on individuals from around the globe, Dr. Boahene has developed and refined techniques that he customizes for each patient. 


Common features of the ethnic sensitive rhinoplasyt include:


E    Reshaping the wide nostrils


Narrowing the broad nose


Building up the flat nose


Refining the nasal tip


Hump reduction


Correcting  widening of the nose when smiling


Creating a photogenic nose


Correction or the droopy nasal tip


Non-operated result


Preserving ethnic features while creating visible changes that fits the rest of the face


Thick skin debulking


Minimal to no scarring result



 Middle Eastern rhinoplasty

Revision rhinoplasty in this Iranian

male following a previous rhinoplasty. 

Before the revision rhinoplasty, his

nose was long, drooped and pinched.

Notice shortening of his nose and

correction of dorsal hump and droopy tipti


           Before                                  After

Male rhinoplasty, Middle eastern rhinoplasty

6 months following primary rhinoplasty

to reduce dorsal hump and refine nasal tip.


  Before After BeforeAfter

Rhinoplasty Indian male 3 months following hump reduction, straightening of the nose and tip refinement.


 Before After Before After

Caribbean male 6 months after ethnic rhinoplasty. Improve front view, up-turned nostrils corrected so they are less visible , tip defined.Profile view shows correction of dorsal hump whiles maintaining a strong masculine bridge, correction of hanging columella.



Female ethnic sensitive rhinoplasty 
 BeforeAfter  BeforeAfter  Before After  
 Ethnic rhinoplasty correcting droopy tip, dorsal hump, flared nostrils and bulbous tip. Note how natural the results looks with no pinching or pointy appearance.











Asian Rhinoplasty 

 BeforeAfter  Before After  
Revision rhinoplasty in asian male. Careful rhinoplasty analysis shows a croocked nose with associated breathing difficulty, over rotated tip making nostrils too visible and front view. Asian sensitive rhinoplasty performed to straigthen nose, improve breathing derotate nose, refining tip and defining nasal bridge. When performed primaryly , the procedure requires no external incision. In this revision case, we used a pre-exisiting scar and actually improved the scar.


 Asian male rhinoplasty


 Before AfterBefore  After
Rhinoplasty Indian female with corrected nasal   obstruction, crooked nose, nasal hump and droopy tip.

 Before AfterBefore  After 
Asian rhinoplasty to define nasal bridge, nasal tip and reshape nostrils. She had a previous rhinoplasty with an implant but had an unsatisfactory result.Her goals were to raise her flat bridge, refine her broad nasal tip and reshape her nostrils.  Rhinoplasty technique used:  a hybrid of endonasal rhinoplasty (closed rhinoplasty) and open rhinoplasty technique with tip cartilage reshaping, rib cartilage graft for nasal bridge definition, narrowing of mid nasal vault to resulting in a natural result with delicate , defined and soft nasal lines. 


  Before  AfterBefore  After 
 Asian rhinoplasty correcting bulbous , droopy tip and dorsal hump

 African ( Black, African American) Rhinoplasty 
        Before  After Before  After 
 Natural looking result after ethnic rhinoplasty in black female.

Before  After Before  After 
 Ethnic rhinoplasty showing correcting of droopy bulbous nasal tip, wide nostrils, slight dorsal hump and dorsal definition. Result is natural looking, feminine , no visible scars and not harsh .


Contact Dr. Boahene about ethnic rhinoplasty    

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