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 fuller lips    
Have you always wanted fuller lips? Have your lips become thinner, drier and creased with age.
Do you have down-turned lip corners that make you look sad when you’re not?If so, then you may have considered lip augmentation or a lip lift but you are concerned about the over-inflated Hollywood look. It is important to educate yourself on the various options available for lip rejuvenation and lip enhancement. It is also important to choose a doctor who is knowledgeable about the lip structure and function and is experienced in providing a natural looking lip enhancement.

An ounce of prevention…….

As with most conditions in medicine early preventative measures goes a long way in maintaining a nice looking lip. Smoking accelerate aging changes around the lips and leaves deep etched lines. Keeping the lips always moisturized maintains its hydration and volume.

Achieving a natural looking, fuller lips with lip injection

Of all the areas in the face where injectible fillers are used, the lips are the most likely to look injected. You’ve all seen the ducky-looking inflated lip on some Hollywood actresses. That look is easy to achieve by most practitioners, but to gain a well-shaped, natural-looking lip, the individual’s characteristics should be taken into account. Your characteristic smile, lip length, teeth position, lip shape and proportions, presence or absence of wrinkles and gum line are all important features to consider in planning lip injections.

In our practice, we use injectible fillers  or stem cell laden fat graft to achieve the lip reshaping you desire. Our choice of injectible filler depends on the site of injection, depth of injection, skin thickness and the degree of augmentation desired.

Lip augmentation can be done after applying an anesthetic cream only or combined with a nerve block. Avoid aspirin, advil, ibuprofen and vitamin E at least 2 weeks before the procedure.
  Before                                            After

 Lip augmentation with injectible filler showing fuller but natural looking lips.The lips are carefully contoured to avoir the " duck lip" look. Results can last up to a year.

      Before                                     After

Lip augmentation with injectivle filler. A slightly upturned lip margin is youthful and helps correct a long looking upper lip.

When minor surgery is an option for lip reshaping

Some individuals have aging changes in their lips that are better treated with surgery. A long thin upper lip can sometimes appear out of place when simply augmented with a filler. In such cases, a surgical lip lift may be the ideal procedure. In our practice we commonly use  different techniques for lip lift:Subnasal lip lift Corner lip lift. A lip lift procedure takes 15 to 30 mintues and can be done under local anesthesia 

Lip reduction
Not all individuals want a fuller lip. Infact, many people complain of having fat lips. In well selected individuals lip reduction can yield a very satisfactory result. This is often done with incisions hidden under the lips.


 Lower lip reduction is planned to minimize sensory changes and

visible scars

Lip reduction can be safely performed at the time of rhinoplasty. Notice the symmetric shape after closure Upper and lower lip reduction completed. Significant swelling can be associated with lip reduction procedures. Peroperative steroid and early application of cold compresses can minimize the lip swelling  

 Lip reduction showing no visible scar. Buccal fat removal

 was carefully performed to contour the cheeks. In selected

 cases, lip reduction and cheek contouring can be performed

 in the office under local anesthesia. Results also shows rhinoplasty.