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Rhinoplasty, Nose reshaping, Tip rhinoplasty, Nose Job 

Considering cosmetic nose surgery? You are not alone. Cosmetic rhinoplasty and functional rhinoplasty are among the most common cosmetic procedures performed by plastic surgeons. Before you proceed, educate yourself about your nose, what can realistically be achieved and the benefits and risks associated with rhinoplasty. Understanding these issues can help you choose the right surgeon to obtain the best cosmetic and breathing results.


Dr. Boahene trained as a nose specialist at the world renowned Mayo Clinic before specializing in facial plastic surgery. As such, he has extensive experience working on the nose. His rhinoplasty patients have natural looking results and noses that breathe well...."don't compromise aesthetics for function...get them both".


 The rhinoplasty consultation: what to expect


A rhinoplasty consultation with Dr. Boahene is comprehensive and lasts 45 minutes to one hour. Be prepared with questions; bring pictures and records of any previous nasal surgeries if available. Bring family or a friends along if you wish; they help recall what you forget to ask. The consultation begins with discussion of your goals for nasal surgery. A detailed history is then followed by a comprehensive nasal examination. Because Dr. Boahene trained as an otolaryngologist, if he finds other diseases in your nose such as polyps or sinusitis, they can be addressed at the same time. You will learn some anatomy and physiology of your nose.....why you nose works and looks the way it does. Digital photographs will then be taken in a dedicated studio where your pictures are immediately projected onto a large computer screen. This helps with discussing your goals for rhinoplasty. Using a computer morphing program, Dr. Boahene then simulates the changes you discussed with virtual surgery. You can then have a glimpse of your potential result. Sometimes a second consultation may be necessary to answer any additional questions that may arise. You will receive direct and in-depth answers to all questions and a discussion of realistic results. 



Rhinoplasty before and after photos 

  Finess rhinoplasty in caucasian female. This patient has a nice nose but did not like the bump and hanging tip. Fine delicate changes were made to correct the bump and the tip. Such chnages can be made without external scars and sometimes under minimal anesthesia. 





















Before After Before After 

Straightening the crooked nose . Finesse rhinoplasty to straighten the crooked

nose, refine and correct the over-projected tip. Notice that her nose is now

smaller, tip slightly rotated up with a small supra-tip break. Her nose is now prfectly straight.


 Before AfterBefore  After Before  After 
  Rhinoplsty with tip refinement, correction of over-projected tip and nasal obstruction. 6 weeks post-operative results showing quick healing when the nasal skin is thin.
       BeforeAfter Before After   After 

Rhinoplasty to create a smaller nose for a petite female.

The bridge was refined by reducing the hump. The broad

 bulbous tip was refined and appropriately narrowed. The

 droopy tip was rotated up. Did you know that the height

or an individual shoud be factored in when deciding how

much tip rotation is ideal?

 BeforeAfter Before After 
 Male rhinoplasty with hump reduction  and refinement of drooping nasal tip. The hump gave this patient a weak chin. In addition, his nasal tip droppe and his lip shortened whenever he smile giving him a gummy smile. These were all corrected with primary rhinoplasty techniques.
 Before AfterBefore  AfterBefore After 
Thick skin rhinoplasty. Revision rhinoplasty in a female with extremely thick nasal skin, scars from previous surgeries and poorly defined nasal lines. Composite rib bone and cartilage was used to defined the bridge. This techniques of using a composite rib bone and cartilage graft prevents longterm warping  ( bending) that is usually a concern when using rib grafts. Results seen after two years shows a nicer profile, a photogenic nasal bridge, narrower   alar base and  overall a more balanced nose. When the nasal skin is thick, a combination of precise minimally invasive techniques are combined to minimize further scarring while maximizing definition. Skin treatment measures are recommended to improve the deep pits characteristic of the thick skin.One should expect It taking  more than a year to see the final results.


  Caucasian female with droopy and bulbous nasal tip. 6 months after rhinoplasty to refine her nasal tip and  correct nasal hump.. Her nasal tip is rotated up, narrowed and delicately refined. Note the definition along the nostril with a nice light reflection and less bulbous nasal tip.
 Aesthetic rhinoplasty to refine the nasal tip. The tip shape has been refined from a  diverging"trumpet" shape to a slender  delicate tip.


       Before                                        After

 Rhinoplasty in caucasian female. This female

 had nice facial features but did not like the width

 of her nose, the poorly defined bridge and broad

tip. Notice how the bridge is now well defined and

 the tip narrowed. Her flared nostrils were reshaped .

 Before AfterBefore  After Before  After 

 Rhinoplasty correcting over projected nose, wide visible nostrils broad bulbous and bifid 


 BeforeAfter  Before After

Russian rhinoplasty. Rhinoplasty in a female with prominent over-projected nose which was out of balance with her face. Notice correction of her profile, refinement of her tip and correction of the hanging tip. Her front view now shows a straighter nose, less flared nostrils, smoothing of the slit on her columella and an overall proportionate and softer nose.

Before AfterProcedure

Male rhinoplasty with hump correction. Rhinoplasty

in males is approached with caution. It is important that changes that are feminizing be absolutely avoided. Complementing a nice male rhinoplasty with a strong chin (with chin implant of sliding genioplasty) usually results in a confident look.


 Revision rhinoplasty to correct nasal

obstruction resulting from aggressive

narrowing during a previous rhinoplasty

by another surgeon. Notice

the pinched nostrils, collapsing bridge

(the inverted V appearance) With revision rhinoplasty,

correcting changes from aggressive surgery and scars requires cartilage grafts the counter the forces of scar, re-expands the nasal skin , supports the breathing and allows for aesthetic refinement. Rib cartilage grafts were used in this case.

 Revision rhinoplasty in a female who noticed progressive pinching of her nose and difficulty with nasal breathing following a previous rhinoplasty. After her revision rhinoplasty, her breathing  improved and her harsh operated looking nose is softened. On front view, notice how the  nostrils which were flattened out and pinched after her previous surgery have now been corrected and actually look smaller and better contoured. 


              Before  AfterBefore After

            Rhinoplasty in a patient with nasal hump and crooked nose.

Results showing nasal tip defintion, straighter nose and improved nasal profile. Overall

the nose is more aesthetically balanced.


 Before After

Revision rhinoplasty African female. See improvement

in profile, correction of rounded bulbous tip and delicate nasal tip.


tip reshaping in this female who had  a harsh angulated nasal tip which also gave her a

" gummy" smile. She was interesed in softening the

 sharp tip angles. In ideal patients such minor changes

can be done under local anesthesia without sedation.




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