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Facial Plastic And Reconstructive Surgery Specialist

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Dr. Boahene
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September 2010 ( Facelift, facial rejuvenation)

Rhinoplasty, Facial facelift


December 2010 ( Blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty)


Dear Dr. Boahene,


I want to personally thank you for the tremendous job you have done.  You are a gifted and awesome surgeon. All of my life I suffered with bags under my eyes.  As a child they were not as noticeable; however; as I aged they became more pronounced. Not a pretty sight. For many years, I had considered having them surgically removed, but was fearful.  I was glancing through an edition of the Urbanite and came across your advertisement.  I became excited as I read more...especially regarding your ability to employ a different technique for people of color.  After reading more, researching more, I called your office for a consultation.


During the consultation I shared my concerns, upper and lower eyes and nasal reshaping.  You explained in detail the procedures and answered my questions.  I did not feel rushed, but assured that you wanted me to be educated about the procedure and the outcome.   Prior to meeting with you I was anxious about the possibility of having surgery.  Your professional and calm demeanor relaxed me and gave me the confidence to proceed.  Also, the confidence in you to be my surgeon.  One week prior to surgery you met with me again to go over the procedure and to ascertain my concerns.  I greatly appreciate you.


The morning of surgery you briefly met with me and discussed the procedures and post surgery recovery.  Dr. Boahene, you are the BEST.  I did not need to take any pain medication after the surgery, the swelling was minimum and within one week the difference in appearance was remarkable.  I feel terrific, no more extra skin on the upper eye lids, no more bags and now a nose that I love. 


I cannot possibly express my gratitude for you and your staff.....You are truly a gifted, talented and remarkable surgeon.  Thank you, thank you, thank you and Happy New Year.  You have certainly given me a new one.


Respectfully submitted,


Sharon T.


January 2011 (Septorhinoplasty)

Dr. Boahene,

I hope that you had a wonderful holiday and a happy new year. I think that it is at this time of year that you think about all that you are thankful for. I cannot thank you enough for what you did for me. In the years since the surgery I have been breathing easy...I worked as nurse for a year and I am now enrolled full-time at a School of Nursing studying to be a Pediatric NP. I also was able to run a 10mile race-something I would never have been able to accomplish in the past.

The surgery you performed changed my life. I will remember that always as I move on in life and in my career. I hope to pass on my good fortune as I provide care to others.





June 26, 2007 ( Complex rhinoplasty and functional nasal reconstruction)




 21 February 2007 (Rhinoplasty)


Dear Dr. Boahene,

Given the beautiful work you do and your extraordinary academic cretentials, I have to admit that I probably would have chosen you as my surgeon even if you'd been gruff and cold. I feel so fortunate that the most talented platic surgeon in the region is also an exceptionally kind and gentle person. Thank you for listening so carefully to what I wanted, for taking such good care of me, and fore doing exactly what I wanted. This could not have turned out better!

Very gratefully,


ps. Please feel free to give my name to prospective patients wanting to talk to a past patient.




20 February 2006 (Facial paralysis repair)




 Reconstruction of forehead and scalp after removal of massive cancer