Facial contouring creates contrasts between facial highlights and shadows to achieve a sculpted appearance. Flat cheeks are augmented, rounded cheeks can be reduced and the jaw line reshaped. With jaw angle reshaping and buccal fat reduction, a square- looking  face can be  re-shaped to a more slender  V-shaped feminine jaw line.  On the other hand,  the jaw angle can be made more defined for a masculine appearance.

Jaw reduction and buccal reduction. Notice how the wide lower face is now slender following jaw reduction. Buccal fat was conservatively removed to add to the overall contoured appearance

Buccal fat reduction is performed to correct excessive fullness and lack of definition in the cheehs. It is performed thorugh a small 1 cm intraoral incision and can be performed as an office procedure under local anesthesia. There is minimal to no downtime. Candidate for buccal fat reduction include those with rounded face and broad cheeks lacking definition. Buccal fat reduction should be carefully peformed to avoid excessive hollowing.

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