Nasal reshaping is a common facial surgery performed to improve nasal breathing and appearance. The nose is a central aesthetic feature and is key  in establishing balance with the rest of the face. Besides breathing issues, a nose that is too small or too large can appear out of place relative to other facial features. Rhinoplasty seeks to bring the nose in harmony with other facial features while maintaining or improving nasal function.

Rhinoplasty to straighten a crooked nose. The tip was also rotated up and refined. 


Rhinoplasty in Caucasian female showing hump reduction, deprojection  and slight rotation of tip

Rhinoplasty in Asian female showing narrower and more defined bridge and tip. Tip was slightly rotated  as well.

Rhinoplasty in Miiddle Eastern female showing hump reduction , tip definition and correction of tension lip.

Rhinoplasty in a patient of African descent , with thick skin, broad tip and wide nostrils. Result showing defined bridge, tip and reshaped nostrils..

Rhinoplasty with rib cartilage graft for correction of short, over-rotated nose, with collapsed bridge and severe inverted- V deformity and scarring.

Notice the longer, derotated nose, corrected bridge and refined tip.

Cleft rhinoplasty with refinement of bridge, tip and nostrils . Nose is nowhere balanced and symmetric..

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