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Welcome to Here we focus on the face.  Faces are unique and essential in establishing our self identify and self confidence.  When you are considering a cosmetic or reconstructive facial plastic procedure, it is important to learn about the procedures you are interested in and the options available for achieving your goals.  This site is meant to be educational and is constantly updated with current knowledge and advances in facial plastic surgery. I am a  surgeon, a scientist, an educator and author. I  approach facial plastic surgery in an evidence based manner. Browse to educate yourself about what facial plastic surgery can offer. Let's hear from you to help answer your questions.


As a facial plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist, we  focus only on the face and neck.  We provide unique and individualized approaches to cosmetic  and functional rhinoplasty, facial reanimation, correction of facial paralysis, eyelid surgery, facial rejuvenation, facial contouring and wrinkle treatment.


Learn more about our expertise in revision rhinoplasty, caucasian and non-caucasian rhinoplasty, ethnic rhinoplasty, Asian facial contouring, facial paralysis, eyelid and brow lifts, lip reduction, and other facial cosmetic and reconstructive procedures.


Learn more about the innovative procedures were have pioneered, our scientific research outcomes and our work in global medicine through humanitarian medical missions.

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